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Runtime DataSet & DataTable viewer

This component basically allows you to inspect the contents of any Data Set or a Data Table at runtime without breaking into the debugger again and again.


  • Open any data table or data set on separate UI thread or the callling thread.
  • Modify the in-memory actual data from the launched window
  • Export the data to XML file

Tool UI when data set is opened

Code sample:


DataSet dataSet = new DataSet();
//Add code to populate the data set...

//Show the data set form a XML file in a new window in new thread
AshuSoft.Test.TableDataViewer.ShowDataSet(@"C:\DataDump.xml", "Hello");
//Show the data set in a new window in new thread
AshuSoft.Test.TableDataViewer.ShowDataSet(dataSet, Environment.StackTrace);

//Show only a table AshuSoft.Test.TableDataViewer.ShowTable(dataSet.Tables["Employee"], Environment.StackTrace);

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